BEE BROWED Brow soap

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BEE BROWED Brow soap

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Do you want INSTANTLY thicker and fuller brows? More voluminous brows? Fuller and fluffy brows? Brows that stay in place the WHOLE day and night? A brow product that is cruelty free, hypo-allergenic and vegan? Do you want to grow your brows thicker and full the natural way, free from harsh chemicals?

BEE BROWED BrowSoap can be used slightly wet or dry. Use slightly wet to give you instant thickness, fullness and hold the brows perfect with ULTIMATE hold! BEE BROWED BrowSoap does not flake and dries crystal clear. Using it dry gives you the same results but less hold.

Directions for use:

Wet your spooly/brush and shake off excess water. Rub the spooly/brush across the product. Brush through the brows, don't be scared to layer it up for all day hold. The more product you put through the more thicker and fuller the brows look and feel.